Arjan Smit is the CEO of Arjan Smit tulip flowers, partially located in Chile, New Zealand, France and the netherlands. Originally Arjan started as a tulip flowers and tulips bulb grower. Now the has over 30 year of experience with special (tulip) flower arrangements, ordered by companies from all of the world.
As president of Tulip Promotion of the Netherlands, Arjan has acquired extensive experience in organizing majopr events as well.

Dream Decoration was founded by Lusine Sarkisjan-Smit, a pastry arts and event decor graduate from the Netherlands.
Over 15 years Lusine has decorated wedding venues in Europe, USA, Russia and Armenia with flower arrangements and many other beautiful decorations.

Arjan and Lusine have decided to come together and combine their expertise in a new business venture, focusing on high quality flower arrangements.
The combination of their experience and expertise will guarantee flower arrangements that will exceed your expectations.

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